Porkosaurus BBQ Rub

Porkosaurus BBQ Rub

Your go-to barbeque seasoning when you need that truly Memphis-style taste for your beef brisket, grilled steak, sweet chili BBQ salmon. Indulge in a unique, sweet-spicy taste on your grilled, sautéed or roasted meat.

Size: 11.3 oz

Nutritional Information:

  • Gluten-Free
  • No MSG
  • Allergens: None
  • Sensitivities: Celery
  • Non-GMO

Great on: Pork, Chicken, Beef, Fish and Veggies


About Porkosaurus

No one would have guessed that in 1994, a group of FedEx co-workers would come together to create a BBQ team that would grow into a family. Ultimately becoming an award-winning company (OVER 25 YEARS & MOST RECORDED MEMPHIS IN MAY WINS) whose owners are as diverse as our flavor is unique.

Porkosaurus began with only a handful of members who equally enjoyed barbecue camaraderie. After many backyard barbecues with family & friends, we decided to throw our hats into the competitive barbecue ring. Our newly created team quickly learned that cooking in the backyard was vastly different from the competitive barbeque. *Who knew? Determined to master the competitive circuit, our hodgepodge group confidently cooked, pigged out, reflected, learned and repeated. They even analyzed their competitors by devouring all the bbq they could get their claws on. (For Science… Through these other competitors, we learned the secrets of low and slow cooking.

Over time their enthusiasm inspired both friends and more co-workers to join the team. What started as a local team in Memphis and grew nationally and internally. Not only did they expand from a geography standpoint, but their diversity was vast… a chef, an air traffic controller, FDNY firefighter, a police officer, a navy pilot, and a webmaster.



Porkosaurus BBQ Rub


Porkosaurus Original Recipe BBQ Rub out of Memphis, TN is a prehistoric recipe that is sure to make all your meat go extinct.

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