Championship Rib Recipe

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January 18, 2017



4 - 2 lb slabs baby back pork ribs

1 cup of prepared yellow mustard

6 ounces Rub Some Rib

1 bottle KC Butt BBQ Sauce™



1Strip membrane off the back of all the ribs.

2Using a fork, poke between each rib to break up connective tissues.


1Heat Smoker to 250 degrees

2Select (4) Slabs of Pork Baby Back Ribs

3Liberally coat yellow mustard over both sides of the baby back rib, this will act as a tenderizer and a bonding agent for the rub.

4Meanwhile, coat both sides of the ribs with Rub Some Rib.

5Place ribs in a vertical rib rack for 4-5 hours depending on your smoker.

6Half-way through the cook, rotate the 180 degrees in the rack to guarantee an even cook.

7Once the meat has pulled back from the bones, use a toothpick to check tenderness.

8Remove ribs from Rack, place flat on the smoker and apply a glaze of KC Butt BBQ Sauce, allowing an additional 15 minutes to heat the glaze.

9Cut ribs between every other bone, and serve hot.

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