Have It Made With Marinade

Marinating food before cooking is an age-old technique and there’s a reason it hasn’t ever fallen out of fashion. The verb ‘marinate,’ means to soak meat, fish, or vegetables in a seasoned liquid such as [...]

How to Grill Eggs

The Complete Guide To Mouthwatering Grilled Eggs With Easter just around the corner, we decided to take a look at how to grill some of the most iconic Easter foods. First up: grilled eggs. Delicious, [...]

Meet our Winning American Royal Rub Teams

For 72 hours, Kansas City’s Arrowhead will host over 600 teams, 180 certified judges and nearly 50,000 patrons in what many see as barbecue heaven. This is the World Series of Barbecue, the most popular [...]

Graduate from the grill

Maybe you are the grill master. Your steaks are seared to perfection. Your burgers are of backyard legend. With the right temp and the right turn, you’ve even made hot dogs a delicacy. So what’s [...]

Summer is over. Barbecuing is not.

Let’s start with one simple statement. Rules are stupid. We are never supposed to wear white after Labor Day. We are never supposed to cross our legs in a business meeting. And we’re never supposed [...]